The night air is crisp. Wind blisters through the spiralling mountain path, whipping at your face. Snow curls around your feet, threatening your every step, hoping to pull you down the cliff face to a rocky death below. You glance over the edge once or twice and marvel at how small your home looks from this high. How high do you have to be?

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((Iky here, I bring you guys the lemonsnout concept for the story, all the dragons look the same only have different blood. The higher on the hemospectrum the blood the harder and stronger the dragon is. Only Terezi the Dragon Born can tell the difference in the blood for she smells it rather then sees it.))

((Iky here, I bring you guys the lemonsnout concept for the story, all the dragons look the same only have different blood. The higher on the hemospectrum the blood the harder and stronger the dragon is. Only Terezi the Dragon Born can tell the difference in the blood for she smells it rather then sees it.))

you even played the previous games in the series? honest question.

wow the answer vanished?

((I myself have only played Skyrim. (Though I have been trying to get Arena and Daggerfall to work. Close to getting Daggerfall running on my computer. xD) And my sister who’s helping me with this has played Oblivion. :> ))

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Your name is BELETHOR, and you’re pretty sure a DRAGON just burned down your STORE.

However, as much as you try to tell everyone a dragon did it, they seem to be convinced you burned it down for the insurance money. Maybe any other NAKODILE would feel the need to behave so rashly, but you, Belethor of the GENERAL GOODS STORE, hardly had a reason to do that. Your business was more successful than any other, and your pockets as deep as any King’s. At least, you believed that to be the case.
Not that what they are saying matters, squabbling amongst yourselves is a thing that happens every day in LOHAC. You’re a little more invested today, perhaps ‘naking’ a little louder than usual, since it was your own residence and shop that is burning down, but for the most part, chattering like idiots is who you all are.
Had you been part of a quieter species, maybe you would have heard the footsteps, lightly clad in armour, move in behind you. As it were, you didn’t, and were quite surprised when two strong arms suddenly wrapped themselves around you. Surprised mostly because Nakodiles don’t have arms long enough to do that. Your incesive ‘naks’ come to an end.

"MY!" a loud, and inherantly childish, voice said. "Don’t you smell fantastic, but not quite as fantastic as I had hoped."
You begin ‘naking’ quite furiously again. Smell fantastic? Is this odd creature that is accosting you from behind going to EAT you? How much money should you sell yourself for? Was your will, where you requested all your riches be buried with your body, burned in the fire? Will she give you time to write a new one?
"When did this catch on fire?" the voice asked, cutting into your thoughts. A few of the other Nakodiles quickly spoke all at once to answer. Shockingly, the newcomer appeared to follow along perfectly. "Only a few minutes ago? Then maybe there is time for me to catch the culprit yet!
"You’ve already caught him?" At that, she laughed, and what a laugh it was. It would probably haunt your small crocodile dreams for the rest of your life. "This scene has the stench of a dragon all over it!!! I can’t wait to track him down. I’ve been following him for a while now. That abode burning LEMONSNOUT will end his tirade today."

A dragon. Even though you were sure you saw the creature yourself, you couldn’t help but disbelieve it. Dragons weren’t real, and most of the Nakodiles were quick to remind your strange visitor that. All she replied with was laughter. She didn’t care if you believed her or not; she knew it was a dragon, and she was going to prove it.
"I am a dragon persecutor. I’ve killed so many of the scale-ridden fiends that you’d wet your pants at my tales, if you had any. My exploits aren’t well know because some sack of lies somewhere has been keeping this whole dragon thing a secret, but tonight I’ll at least prove to you sorry lot that dragons are real!
"Any more chitchat and he’s going to get too far away." She releases you from her grip, and for the first time, you turn to get a good look at this madwoman.

She stands twice your height, clad entirely in armour made mostly from what appears to be bone. You try not to think too hard about what the bone could be made from at this point. Dragons aren’t real and that’s that. (You do think too hard about how much the armour would sell for, however.) The armour is pointed and jagged in many places and fits what little you can see of her, that is, her face: a pointed nose, a pointed grin, rows of pointed teeth, even her eyes, red and blind, appear to be sharp. The rest of her appearance was typical of any TROLL: Gray skin and two bright yellow-orange horns set slightly horizontal on her head. That explained everything at least. Trolls are all insane. Imperials and the like aren’t much better, but you and everyone else agree that trolls are the worst.

"Are you coming with me?" You look up at her confused, ‘naking’ slightly. "Don’t you want to see the face of the dragon that burned down your shop before it doesn’t have any face left to see?"
A sinister grin flashed on the troll’s face. You decide that going along would be a good idea, even if it might mean getting killed in the crossfire. Well, to be honest, you aren’t that smart and didn’t really consider that to be a thing that could happen. At the moment, you’re concerned with only one thing: what sort of loot can you pillage from the dead body and how much money would it be worth?
Dragons not being real, they appear quite a bit in fiction. Large creatures with bellys of shimmering JEWELS—you’ve honestly forgotten the rest of their appearances. All that really matters is that they have bellies of jewels.

The troll turns to leave, and you follow in step behind.

Secondary Characters

A little less clear cut then the main cast, and there are certainly more characters than these eight, (ie everyone is in this story eventually, in some way or form.) but if we were to pick who counts as secondary it’s this lot.

Your name is KARKAT VANTAS and you’ve just been forced into a lifetime job of BABYSITTING. Also known as, being the HOUSECARL to the blind and mentally insane Dragonborn.

Your name is JOHN EGBERT. You’re Grandmother is the Jarl LOWAS and you’re next in line to take the throne. You’re tired of the WAR between your kingdom and Lodag and want nothing more than PEACE.

You’re name is PRINCESS FEFERI PEIXES. Well, Princess isn’t a real thing, but as the daughter of the Jarl of LODAG, you’ve taken a liking to the title. Much like the Prince of Lowas (also not a real title), you want an end to the WAR and just want everyone to be HAPPY!

You’re name is SOLLUX CAPTOR. Despite appearances, you are NOT a PSIIJIIC MAGE, but how you wish you were. You found the robes in your ATTIC and since have been OBSESSED with learning as much as you can about the ancient ORDER. Which hasn’t been much.

Main Characters

Temporarily named Skyrimstuck for now, this is a thing that is happening. (I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else actually make a storyline for this crossover yet???)

Anyway, the first part of the story is written, so that will be posted later when images are made, for now! Let’s meet the cast. Starting with the Main Characters! The story will follow four different people as it goes and here they are.

Your name is TEREZI PYROPE and you are DR4GONBORN. You take hobby in persecuting DRAGONS who think it’s okay to burn down villagers houses and farms. Most people think you’re crazy telling you dragons are FAKE, but you know better. Where do they think you got this cool armour from? Mammoths? Yeah right.

Your name is ARADIA MEGIDO and you have a deep interest in the dark arts of NECROMANCY. Most people despise mages, you despise most people. You’ve made it your duty to prove the importance of MAGIC to the entire realm of Skyrim.

Your name is VRISKA SERKET and you are, without a doubt, the gr8test thief that ever lived. Well, next to your idol, but whatever. Someday you’ll be at the top of the Thief’s Guild and have the world kissing your feet.

Your name is GAMZEE MAKARA and you love song, dance, and Skooma… You’ve started studying at the Bard’s college in order to bring your MiRaClEs to everyone you know. Too bad that Skooma addiction is doing odd things to your thinkpan.

More character introductions later, and then we’ll get this show on the road!